It all started back in 1979, and as all good stories start, we start at the beginning.

There was a local horde of “hard jaw” moped wielding gang of youths who scourged the neighbourhood of Ekerö (oak island) and close lying communities. These bruisers travelled around on their customized mopeds and ruled the roost. (at least as they thought  with hormone rushes to egg on their teenage mentality!!!) As on the dawning of a new era (probably an early Friday night with no kids to scare), somebody thought up the great idea of taking a great step for mankind and checking out what is beyond the boundnes of Ekerö. Next stop Bromma, 10 miles closer to the city center and without any parental hands to hold, far enough away from recognizable surroundings.

When they parked their chopped mopeds on Bromma Square, who do you think came on the scene? None only than a pock faced , zit scarred gang of mobile youths that ruled the roost in Bromma.

Of course as you do in that age you don’t let any hillbillies come in on your turf so a fracas started between the two gangs. With loose teeth , swollen lips, a black eye ( or two), and big big smiles , the hillbilly gang from Ekerö drove home as winners. But the boys from Bromma were maybe down but not broken which in turn on in the next weekend. The venue was switched and the Bromma boys beat the bollox out of the Ekerö gang. On their own home ground. ( I think Viking blood spoke that night on the way home to Bromma too.) Well, as you can imagine after a few weekends of this, they realized that they could be doing better things like drinking beer and riding mopeds. With a handshake a truce was called and the two gangs became one.

Hound Dogs was established!

First thing was to find a clubhouse, which was a little garage in Bromma. This was only a stepping-stone while waiting for something bigger and better. This came along in the form of a cow house out on Ekerö, which was in a state of disrepair that only a bunch of young enthusiastically hard up bikers with no other options would rent.

The first job was to muck, out or in, other words to shovel out the cowshit that was left in mounds all over the floor. Then bit-by-bit, paint paint, hammer hammer, saw saw, hammer hammer it started to transform into something that looked like a clubhouse.

Over the fourteen years that the dubs were there, they made the place into a place to be proud of. But like all good things it had to end. The dub got evicted from the clubhouse as the owner had other plans for the area

A new location was found and the club moved addresses. Now many years down the road, the club are happily settled in there turning once again an old barn into a clubhouse to be proud of. See the pictures of the clubhouse and judge yourself if you haven’t been there yet.

You may wonder where the name Hound Dogs derived from? Well, like all tales some of the facts can be disorientated, forgotten or something like that!!

There are those that say there once was (is?) a heavily overweight hip swooning trucker by the name of Aaron who sang something ”” You ain´t nothing but a hound dog”” or another myth is the name Hound Dogs derives from a hunting dog like those used in the southern states of America. H&D are also the initials of the infamous American motorcycle so the truth of the matter is it doesn’t have any importance